August 31, 2016

Slovenia - Ljubljana's Ethnographic Museum

Creepy, oh so creepy to visit a three storey high museum by myself. There was not a single other soul visiting the museum the same time I did and all the light switching on and off while I passed... Creepy!
They said that it would take me an hour and a half to visit it all, at took me 20 minutes. I almost run at some point missing some of the rooms, I just wanted to get out of there.
I love ethnographic museums and I would have loved this one, too, but it was creepy. I liked, though the temporary exhibitions of the students studying ethnography. The one with the lace was very well organised and I would have liked to spend more time on it, but again creepy. The one with doors, I liked the concept, but the display was scattered along the building and it lack the explanation. I would have liked to know more and I liked the concept of "Doors as part of life" and different stories that one could find behind every door, but that was it. Maybe I visited the museum on a less crowded day, but I don't think so. A lot of tourists managed to find the terrace next to the museum building, why not visit the museum? Why there was no guide? Even a audio guide, if they did not want to pay for  real person? I don't know and it is not up to me to find answers to these questions.
As a plus, being a student gets you a discount and I liked to talk with the woman in the weaving workshop at the bottom floor. I'll leave you with the few pictures and keep an eye open for my next post about the Ethnographic museum in Split, Croatia, also empty but less creepy.

even dogs have doors 

this is made with lace 
on the toilet door
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