August 5, 2016

Belgium - Arlon - Kiwanis Dolls

I had no idea what the Kiwanis Dolls were before I've started writing this post. I just photographed one in Arlon town center and I thought they are funny. They are the giant size of Kiwanis Dolls which are donated to children in hospitals to keep them safe. The Kiwanis organisation makes this cloth dolls and gives them to children. The dolls are made in India and already improved the life of seamstresses there because they gave them work and a mean to support their families.

The dolls are shipped to Arlon-Luxembourg area and their story is already known here, but the Kiwanis foundation came up with a brilliant idea. Inspired by the cow parade, they created the Giant Kiwanis Dolls, asked artists to decorate them and then sold them for charity. The money are used to treat children which are now in hospitals.

Besides that, the foundation released a photo contest and awarded the person who photographed all the Kiwanis Dolls also to attract awareness for the sick children in hospitals.

Here is our picture:
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