June 4, 2018

Luxembourg - "Knotted gun", a small sculpture with an important message!

I am writing this post for that one person who might look for this sculpture in Luxembourg. I've passed by it every day while it was in its former location, but when it moved it was sort of a witch hunt, because cultural news are still written in other language than English, in Luxembourg. So much so, that if you search for it today you will find only articles related to the death of its author and not its location.
So what am I talking about? The Knotted gun or the Non-Violence sculpture was made by the Swedish artist Carl Fredrik Reuterswärd after John Lennon was murdered. It is a Colt Python .357 Magnum revolver with a knotted barrel and the muzzle pointing upwards. Luxembourg, or to be exact the European Commission, owns one of the 22 originals. Also Luxembourg is related to that first one sculpture that the artist made, because the Luxembourgish Government donated that sculpture to the United Nations in the 80s.

Nowadays, the sculpture is in Kirchberg park, a very nice find which goes to show that you can live for almost 6 years in one tiny place and still have a tone of things to discover. The park is close to Coque Centre and the sculpture is in the middle of it together with other sculptures.

I only wish the Touristic Centre would organise the Art tour in Kirchberg, cause I for one am fascinated by the works of art that this place encapsulates.
Here you can see its place in the park. Basically the sculpture in the back is tall enough for you to spot it in the distance, walk towards it, brace the grass and you will find the Knotted Gun. 

In this day and age when the aggressivity turns so quickly into violence, the message this tiny sculpture is bearing is more important than ever. The gun is cocked, but the knot makes it clear it will never shoot. If you want this is a plea to think before acting, to filter all information and have an open mind!
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June 1, 2018

Netherlands - Tulip fields of 2018

It has been the fifth year we went to see the tulip fields, hence the title, so it's become some sort of a tradition for us. Also, Nederlands is my favourite country in this area so it's good for my mental health to visit it at least once per year.
One thing though, as in all countries, the capital is somewhat different from the rest, not in a bad way, just different. I love Amsterdam as much as I love the whole country, it's just a different kind of love. I don't think this rule necessarily applies to Luxembourg, but there are slight differences between the German half and the French half.

As I said all of this, let's got to the tulips. This year I took over 500 pictures and in my opinion they are all great. So for you to see all the pictures in this blog post is a little bit impossible. I also wanted to make a movie out of them, but it was a 20 minutes long movie, who watches pictures of tulips for 20 minutes? So I will just post all the different kind of tulips and of course pictures of me and Luna.  If you want or need some pointers as what are the tulip fields, I wrote a post about that last year.













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May 28, 2018

Luxembourg - Tasting cheese and ice cream in a family owned farm - Petopia Event

Need I say it again, I love Petopia Events?

Not only we are young and we do not have children, but we also have a beloved dog. So for our demographic events are still countable by the fingers in one hand here in Luxembourg. Even more, our foreign working language is English and this cuts off a few other events that either take place and we have no clue about or just we miss because we are not confident speaking a foreign language.

Now I am more and more opened to French and I love German, but I do remember I was a pain in the arse when I first arrived here, and I thank my friend from the bottom of my heart for putting up with me when she was trying to make me understand that I do need French and I would not have it.

Back to the Petopia cheese event, from the first second I saw it on Facebook I wanted to take part. Luna loves cheese more than we do, she even knows the Romanian word for it (brânză) and whenever she hears it, she goes wild. And to be fair, she ate most of my cheeses.

We hiked for an hour and a half close to two hours on a sunny day like you don't usually see here in Luxembourg, I even got a workers tan out of it. After that we went to Schéiferei An “Dottësch” farm, a family owned business in the southern part of Luxembourg where we tasted six or seven cheeses and two ice creams.
We had a blast! I loved the hike, I loved the whole event, Luna was happy, we were happy, we met some nice people and overall it was a successful afternoon. If you look for freshly made cheeses please look for the farm.
As it happens here in Luxembourg, you have nothing to do for a whole month and in the same day there are two or in this case three nice events that you want to check out. So we had to leave early to go to a Romanian concert and later that evening we went to a local celebration in Arlon. So packed Saturday, but a fun Saturday!
I have to admit that I took the first three photos of this post from the event's page, because after the hike I was not able to move. As you know I am a Romanian vampire and I don't like the sun. But as usual a very nice and well organised Petopia event. If you want to know more please check their Facebook page. I wrote about the events we went to here and here
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P.S. If you want to know how the dog bowls we made on the last event turned out after the second firing here is an unclear photo pf them. But they were featured in my Instagram stories so go there and check out how Luna uses them already.