September 24, 2016

Polonia - Warsaw

Although I was in Warsaw for only one day, it was the right amount of time to grasp it all. I arrived in Warsaw on my way to Krakow and to the freedom bus art summer school and it was a great thing that I did, because I could compare Warsaw with Krakow exactly as the organisers intended. My impression of Warsaw is that is very similar to other ex-communistic cities. That is not a bad thing. It has the part which is called "the old town" and then around it is the new town, with a mix of architectural styles, including the big communistic buildings and the new glass and steel sky scrapers. I have to say that I was more impressed by the old town, but that is life. For me it is amazing to see that all ex-communist countries have something in common and the resemblance with Romanian cities is evident in Warsaw.
Even the big building in the first picture is similar to The House of the Press in Bucharest, a place where I've worked. 
I'll let you enjoy my pictures and invite you to visit Warsaw!

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September 22, 2016

Latvia - Walk through Riga

I can't believe I haven't shown you my Riga. I think 2016 would be the year of travels. I've been in so many places and I am so grateful that I could afford to go and that I was healthy and I had all the conditions to go. It is an amazing year.
So in late May, beginning of June I visited Latvia and more specifically, I visited Riga. I was impressed by the architecture, by the kindness of people who (especially the young generation) speak English flawlessly, by the variety of food and by their crafts and traditions. I loved to walk through Riga and that is why I wanted to write this post on my blog.
If you have a chance to go there, don't miss it!

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September 20, 2016

Croatia - Let me show you my Dubrovnik

If you go to the Croatian seaside, you have to visit Dubrovnik. Not to stay in Dubrovnik, but just to visit it. And if you have a limited amount of time, as we did, I advise you to take the wall tour. It costs 120 kuna (approximately 15-20 euro), but it is worth every kuna :) Basically you walk on the walls of the town, around the town and in the process you see the whole town. As simple as that. You can walk at your own pace, you can take as many pictures as you want, dogs go for free and if you are a student you pay just 30 kuna. 
We took a big detour from our area to go to Dubrovnik and only because my husband watches the Game of thrones, but it was worth it even for me. I would have been very upset to miss Dubrovnik, because it is different from anything I've ever seen before. It is a combination of stone and green shutters, cobbled streets and the sea. What more could you ask for?

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September 17, 2016

Croatia - My lovely Postira

Postira is from another world. 
This is the best advice that anyone could give you, if you intent to visit the Croatian seaside: "go to the small villages or even better, go to the islands!"
Postira sits on the island of Brac, the biggest Croatian island, though Postira is not the biggest city on the island, it is the most beautiful. Of course it's just my opinion, after I visited all the other towns on the island. Bol is crowded with tourists, Supetar has the ferry so at least in the beach area there are a lot of people coming or going to and from the ferry, the others are too small and you lack the facilities, such as a supermarket or pharmacy. Postira is just the right size, just the right amount of tourists, you have all the possible facilities and the accommodations are at a fair price. We payed around 25 to 30 euro per night for an apartment, but we payed 6 euro more for our own terrace/balcony which I consider as a great investment. Our balcony was gorgeous!
There aren't many things to do in Postira, except the beachy ones, but you can relax, eat amazing food, enjoy their local events which take place almost every evening and take in the beauty of the landscape. I had a great time in Postira and  hope to go back again someday!

Me leaving Postira :(
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September 15, 2016

Croatia - Let me show you my Split

As I previously stated, I didn't like Croatian big cities such as Zadar, Split or even Dubrovnik. Too crowded for my taste, too dirty and too obvious that once you are there you are a tourist and nothing more. I am not a person who wishes by all means to find the local flavour, but to me all those towns are touristic and nothing more. I hope that some day I will have the chance to visit them in the Winter months, when the tourists are home and maybe then I will like the big Croatian towns close to Adriatic Sea.
Until that happens, I have to admit that I might like Split, I was impressed by its history and architecture. We spent in Split close to two days. Even Luna liked it :)

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