February 19, 2018

Buergbrennen Luxembourg 2018 - Just go Winter, already!

I feel as if I wrote about Buergbrennen too many times in my both working languages, Romanian and English. As expressing myself in writing in French might take a while, I will just write my impressions of the event and leave you with a tone of pictures and movies if I master the movie uploading tool of this blog without putting it on YouTube. If not, please go on my Instagram as I've highlighted one of my Insta Stories on my profile. 

This year, more than others I need a little bit of encouragement for passing the Winter. I don't know why, but this year, the lack of sun affected me and I've started counting the sunny days (since December 11th - 12 days of sun). Don't get me wrong, I don't mind the cold, I don't mind shovelling the snow early in the morning to get to my car, I don't even mind that the days are shorter, but the absence of sun is killing me. So much so that I've started taking vitamin D daily, prescribed by the doctor of course.

So you see, I need all the allies I could get, plus Buergbrennen was a chance to meet with friends and have a nice evening. Of course the white sky is back, but now I start noticing small signs of Spring and sun here and there, also February is almost over and in March the Spring should come. Enough of me whining, here are the photos:

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February 13, 2018

Luxembourg - Have you ever visited St. John's church at the Neumunster Abbey?

I have to admit I haven't, and I've been living here for the past five years. Somehow I never got to see it. Until last weekend when they organised an organ concert in the church, because they restored the organ and wanted to celebrate it.

I took some pictures then, but when I came home I started to research the St. Jon's Church and the Neumunster Abbey a little. For us, Romanians, the abbey holds a significant value, because it was there where Romania sighed the agreement to enter the European Union. Despite this post Brexit current that reached the Eastern European countries right now, I personally think that was a good move for Romania.

Back to the church, I've read that it was build in 1606 and that is has a Black Madonna. I wish I would of researched it a little bit before going there, to look for the statue, but I didn't. So here are some pictures from inside the church.

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February 5, 2018

Spain - Photos from Zaragoza

You know I'm not the one to waste a good photo and also that I think all my photos are good, so today I'm going to show you all the wonders I've discovered in Zaragoza.

When I think of places to visit in Spain, somehow Zaragoza does not pop in my mind. I think first of Barcelona, of course, the south of Spain with Alhambra and Gibraltar, maybe Madrid, but never Zaragoza and that a bad thing. Granted it's not as touristic as the other places, but still you can get a feel of Spain when you get lost on the narrow streets or when you see those rooftops from the cathedral's tower.

I think I've said it, but I was in Zaragoza to work so not to do touristic stuff, but you know me :) Also I had an amazing guide, a lovely Romanian woman who lived there for a long time and told us all there is to know about the city and took her spare time to be our guide. I only hope I could turn back the favour one day!

I only had a quick check on the plane to see what we could possibly see and one thing stood out, the Aljaferia Palace. It's as I imagine Alhambra to be and it was impressive!
But then I've arrived to Zaragoza and the Cathedral Our Lady of the Pillar is simply amazing and it's not to be missed. I even went into the tower (don't worry there is an elevator) and the views from there are gorgeous. I even saw snow covered mountains and in Zaragoza was sunny and warm.
If you want, but I had not time to, you can check some museums, the most famous one is the Goya Musem. But just walking down the streets and pop into small shops is also a pleasure.
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January 29, 2018

IA-Aidoma Exhibition in Zaragoza, Spain

Boys and girls,

it happened, the exhibition I love is now in Zaragoza, the first stop on its European tour. I went there last week to help setting the exhibition, I was there at the opening and most likely I will be there when it will be closed and MOVED TO LUXEMBOURG!

That's the big news, I've been dying to tell you. Somehow I've managed to align the planets, to talk to the right people and make the most wonderful friends help me, and the exhibition will definitely come in the near future to Luxembourg. It's a dream come true and I will personally send invites to all those people that made me feel shit for being Romanian to come and see it.
The blouse with birds on the shoulder (altiță) from Bucovina

January 22, 2018

5 DIY earring stands

If you are new here, maybe you don't know that I'm a crafty person and that some time ago I used to publish DIY posts. Unfortunately the existence of Etsy and my lack of time put an end to my DIY career.

Today I'm going to talk about earring stands. I do not have that many jewellery, but I do have a lot of earrings. I usually keep them in a drawer in boxes, but I don't see them and I don't wear them. That is why I need an "in my face" earring stand, so I could easily see what earrings I have and wear them.

I will post pictures and links from Etsy, because maybe there are people out there who are not so crafty, but also I will write how I think the stands are made.

1. Fabric stud earrings organiser

What you will need is a box preferably one that is not that high. It can be a chocolate box left after Christmas, it can be a wooden box, doesn't matter. Then, I imagine you will need some fabric and some straws and a glue gun. You put each straw in the fabric and stick with the help of the glue gun, covering the straw in fabric. After you cover one straw, in the same fabric you stick the next straw until you have enough for the whole box. Then stick the fabric with the straws inside the box and that's it. This one is good for stud earrings and I like it because you don't have to part the earring from the back holder, I usually lose them this way. If you are not a crafty person you can find the one in the picture here.

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