June 13, 2019

Celebrate the Romanian Blouse in Luxembourg on 24th of June 2019

IA Day Celebrations at Place Clairefontaine in Luxembourg - June 24th, 2016
As every year, the Romanian community in Luxembourg and the Greater Region will celebrate the Universal Day of the Romanian Blouse - “IA” - on the 24th of June. 

In keeping with tradition, launched globally by the online community La Blouse Roumaine in 2013, this year’s local celebrations will take place from 18:30 onward at Place Clairefontaine, right in the heart of Luxembourg City. 

Wearing a story

We encourage women who have Romanian Blouses to wear them on the day, take selfies and upload them on our Facebook event page before heading to Place Clairefontaine in the evening to share stories about the blouses, meet new people and take pictures together. 

IA Day Celebrations in Parc Kinnekswiss in Luxembourg - June 24th, 2018
Different from previous years, this year’s celebration will see the launch of storyteller stickers. Because we believe that every Romanian Blouse has a story, we invite people wearing the blouses to tell their stories. 

Some blouses are very old, others are family heirlooms, some were found at a little car boot sale somewhere in Romania, while others were saved from the trash. Some of them have even been bought from traders on social media and sent all the way to Luxembourg. Whether Romanian women inherited traditional blouses from their grandmothers or found them at a local market, they found a place for their blouses in their expat suitcases. The story of each blouse, irrespective of its past, is worth telling!

Therefore, we invite and encourage everyone to come along on the June, 24th. Join us at Place Clairefontaine and don’t hesitate to approach all the women wearing stickers on their blouses. This is your chance to explore the fascinating tales behind the beautiful Romanian garments found in Luxembourg. Join us and be part of a new story! 

A piece of Romanian folklore

The Romanian Peasant Blouse is a representative piece of our folklore. With everything being done manually, from the fabric to the thread and embroidery, a single blouse was created during the Winter season.

Lavender and Sewn Sighs on a Romanian Blouse at IA Day Celebrations in Luxembourg - June 24th, 2018
The structure of the Romanian blouse has remained unchanged over the centuries.

In 1940, the famous French painter, Henri Matisse, created an important series of paintings which portrayed women in Romanian blouses. Since then our garment inspired several designers, such as Karl Lagerfeld, Tom Ford and John Galliano, but the Romanian Blouse is the original.

Global celebrations

The Universal Day of the Romanian Blouse was launched in 2013 by the La Blouse Roumaine Facebook community and soon became a global event, currently being celebrated in more than 60 countries, across 6 continents.

The organisers of IA Day Celebrations in Luxembourg - Roxana, Elena and Raluca - June 24th, 2017
The event has been held locally for seven consecutive years, thanks to the joint efforts and dedication of three Romanian friends Elena Afemei, Raluca Caranfil and Roxana Mironescu.

Would like you to be part of our story this year? Visit our Facebook event for the full programme.

“RomânIA” Vernissage

If interested, before the public celebrations scheduled in Place Clarefontaine you can also attend a vernissage showcasing several blouses from private collections. The event named “RomânIA” will be hosted by the Luxembourg-Romania Association on the 24th of June from 5 p.m. onward at Cercle Cité. More information about the vernissage is available here.