August 3, 2016

Luxembourg - Visit to the Court of Justice

If you have the chance to visit the European Court of Justice which is based in Luxembourg, don't miss it! You will learn a lot about the mechanisms behind the functioning of the Court, you will walk through the building and visit different rooms where historical decisions were made and you can mesmerise in front of unique art pieces such as Rodin's Thinker.
Occasionally you can find guided tours of the building advertised by their communication office and if you do I will recommend you the Art Tour. It is more focused on the art pieces that are hosted in different parts of the building. I took that tour once with my colleagues and I was pleased to discover some Romanian art pieces.
Enjoy the photos!

Me, next to a Romanian sculpture

Next to most of the art pieces you will find explanation in English and French
These are most of the art pieces I have seen in the Court of Justice
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