September 24, 2016

Polonia - Warsaw

Although I was in Warsaw for only one day, it was the right amount of time to grasp it all. I arrived in Warsaw on my way to Krakow and to the freedom bus art summer school and it was a great thing that I did, because I could compare Warsaw with Krakow exactly as the organisers intended. My impression of Warsaw is that is very similar to other ex-communistic cities. That is not a bad thing. It has the part which is called "the old town" and then around it is the new town, with a mix of architectural styles, including the big communistic buildings and the new glass and steel sky scrapers. I have to say that I was more impressed by the old town, but that is life. For me it is amazing to see that all ex-communist countries have something in common and the resemblance with Romanian cities is evident in Warsaw.
Even the big building in the first picture is similar to The House of the Press in Bucharest, a place where I've worked. 
I'll let you enjoy my pictures and invite you to visit Warsaw!

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