September 30, 2016

Freedom Bus Experience - From Krakow to Berlin

Somehow, someone told me that the bus trip was going to last 8 to 9 hours and not 5 as I initially thought out loud. Again the westerner.

At 8 a.m. we were in the bus station and half an hour later we were in the bus, Polski Bus. "It has Internet" assured me one of my colleagues.

It was not a rented bus especially for us, it was a proper bus we had to share with other people. At some point someone asked me (in a not so nice manner) to change seats. I refused and shared the seat with the London girl. "She was something that London girl!" Thinking of my Irish past, I would never had that much fun with a London girl, but I had. We talked and the time went by.
The trip was depressing. I hadn't even the joy of taking pictures. The Polish towns passed by, each with their own story, which I would never know. Katowice, Opole, and then I fell asleep. I couldn't be bothered to look for names and towns. I woke up and went for a water and chocolate.


We arrived in Berlin and I was exhausted. I don't even remember the trip from the bus stop to the hostel. "Thank god I had Internet and Instagram in Berlin!"

At the hostel we found out that we had to share a room with 6 other people so we had to form groups of 6. I was desperate so I've asked the nearest 6 people if they would like to share the room with me. They thankfully said yes. I went and put some made up names to a paper, I was handed out keys for the room and went to see it. Bunk beds again. The London gild would sleep on top of my bed.

I would share the room with two Polish guys, the Ukrainian girl, the British girl and a girl from Georgia. The last one refused to stay with us, because she didn't want to share a room with boys. We had a laugh about it and we waited to see who would take the sixth bed.


After a shower during which I managed to wet all my clothes because I didn't know how the shower worked, we went downstairs for dinner. It was over. They didn't wait for us. Thankfully the Brazilian girl who also studies at Luxembourg University managed to keep some sort of cold pasta for us. I was hungry, so we went to find something to eat.

I was in Berlin. "What a city!" Near our hostel was the Brandenburger Tor and next to it the Holocaust Memorial. They were amazing, but I was still hungry. Eventually we managed to find an indian restaurant which had chicken curry.

I don't know why all my roommates went with me on the food hunt, but they did and we had a great time. I don't know if we were that funny, but I remember I laugh a lot about nothing.


Eventually we got back to our bunk bed room, to find out that the sixth person came, pooped in our toilet, washed his underwear, hung it on someone else's bed and left. I didn't like that person, I wouldn't know why, just didn't. We somehow managed to laugh about it and went to bed.

It was an exhausting day!

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