September 17, 2016

Croatia - My lovely Postira

Postira is from another world. 
This is the best advice that anyone could give you, if you intent to visit the Croatian seaside: "go to the small villages or even better, go to the islands!"
Postira sits on the island of Brac, the biggest Croatian island, though Postira is not the biggest city on the island, it is the most beautiful. Of course it's just my opinion, after I visited all the other towns on the island. Bol is crowded with tourists, Supetar has the ferry so at least in the beach area there are a lot of people coming or going to and from the ferry, the others are too small and you lack the facilities, such as a supermarket or pharmacy. Postira is just the right size, just the right amount of tourists, you have all the possible facilities and the accommodations are at a fair price. We payed around 25 to 30 euro per night for an apartment, but we payed 6 euro more for our own terrace/balcony which I consider as a great investment. Our balcony was gorgeous!
There aren't many things to do in Postira, except the beachy ones, but you can relax, eat amazing food, enjoy their local events which take place almost every evening and take in the beauty of the landscape. I had a great time in Postira and  hope to go back again someday!

Me leaving Postira :(
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