September 20, 2016

Croatia - Let me show you my Dubrovnik

If you go to the Croatian seaside, you have to visit Dubrovnik. Not to stay in Dubrovnik, but just to visit it. And if you have a limited amount of time, as we did, I advise you to take the wall tour. It costs 120 kuna (approximately 15-20 euro), but it is worth every kuna :) Basically you walk on the walls of the town, around the town and in the process you see the whole town. As simple as that. You can walk at your own pace, you can take as many pictures as you want, dogs go for free and if you are a student you pay just 30 kuna. 
We took a big detour from our area to go to Dubrovnik and only because my husband watches the Game of thrones, but it was worth it even for me. I would have been very upset to miss Dubrovnik, because it is different from anything I've ever seen before. It is a combination of stone and green shutters, cobbled streets and the sea. What more could you ask for?

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