April 5, 2013

O pildă despre companiile "low cost"

Le ştiţi şi voi şi dacă citiţi blogul ăsta ştiţi şi prin ce am trecut eu recent cu această companie. Ei bine presa a scornit o pildă care se pliază la fix pe ceea ce fac aceste companii, îţi oferă cel mai mic preţ, dar îţi cer extra şi pentru bagaje şi pentru mâncare şi să te ferească Dumnezeu să ai probleme cu ei, preţuri de la 10 euro în sus pentru un telefon, 60 de euro anularea unei rezervări, aaa e dus-întors? 120 de euro şi tot aşa.
Din păcate e în engleză şi e despre Ryan Air, companie cu care eu nu am zburat până acum, dar se poate aplica perfect şi la Wizz Air şi la Blue Air şi la orice altă companie low cost care o mai exista pe lumea asta.

Ryanair's Micheal O'Leary arrives in a hotel in Dublin, he goes to the bar and asks for a pint of draught Guinness. The barman nodded and said, "That will be one Euro please, Mr. O'Leary."
Somewhat taken aback, O'Leary replied, "That's very cheap," and handed over his money.
"Well, we try to stay ahead of the competition", said the barman. "And we are serving free pints every Wednesday evening from 6 until 8. We have the cheapest beer in Ireland"
"That is remarkable value" Michael comments
"I see you don't seem to have a glass, so you'll probably need one of ours.
That will be 3 euro please.
O'Leary scowled, but paid up. He took his drink and walked towards a seat.
"Ah, you want to sit down?" said the barman. "That'll be an extra 2 euro. - You could have pre-book the seat, and it would have only cost you a Euro."
"I think you may to be too big for the seat sir, can I ask you to sit in this frame please"
Michael attempts to sit down but the frame is too small and when he can't squeeze in he complains "Nobody would fit in that little frame".
"I'm afraid if you can't fit in the frame you'll have to pay an extra surcharge of €4.00 for your seat sir"
O'Leary swore to himself, but paid up. "I see that you have brought your laptop with you" added the barman. "And since that wasn't pre-booked either, that will be another 3 euro."
O'Leary was so annoyed that he walked back to the bar, slammed his drink on the counter, and yelled, "This is ridiculous, I want to speak to the manager".
"Ah, I see you want to use the counter," says the barman, "that will be 2 euro please." O'Leary's face was red with rage.
"Do you know who I am?"
"Of course I do Mr. O'Leary,"
"I've had enough, What sort of Hotel is this? I come in for a quiet drink and you treat me like this. I insist on speaking to a manager!"
"Here is his E mail address, or if you wish, you can contact him between 9 and 9.10 every morning, Monday to Tuesday at this free phone number. Calls are free, until they are answered, then there is a talking charge of only 10 cent per second"
"I will never use this bar again
"OK sir, but remember, we are the only hotel in Ireland selling pints for one Euro"

Zâmbiţi, e vineri!!!


BusuMary said...

Ha ha ha...foarte relevant ! am simulat o rezervare de bilet la blue air sa vad preturile si am ramas cum se zice cu gura cascata ca ptr locuri iti incasau extra...adica,se putea sta in picioare???

Raluk said...


practic pentru orice pot sa iti ia niste bani, iti iau. Normal ca nu se poate sta in picioare...

Aliceee Traveler said...

Super tare!!!

Acum adevarul e ca eu cu Wizz am prins bilete de avion foarte ieftine, intre 50 si 100 ron dus-intors cu plata finala si in general nu dau mai mult de 50 de euro pe un zbor. Insa pt asta trebuie sa ai flexibilitate si sa nu adaugi nimic biletului (nici macar bgaj). Acum ca si cel mic se plateste, preturile mai cresc insa tot ramane ieftin comparand cu tarom sau alte companii de linie.

Raluk said...

Pai tocmai asta ma scris si eu in toate articolele despre Wizz, ca e bine sa mergi cu ei si chiar gasesti preturi decente si fara sa le cauti sau sa le pandesti. Problema apare cand ai probleme, cand vrei sa anulezi un bilet sau cand ti se anuleaza o cursa. Asta cu preturile care cresc vazand cu ochii de la un click la altul e alta poveste.