August 30, 2019

France - An evening in Bordeaux

I do agree, Bordeaux deserves more than just an evening, but that was all we were willing to give it this time. I'm sure we will be back someday. 

First thing that popped out of google as soon as I've searched Bordeaux was a statue of a turtle. So all I wanted to see was that statue. We checked in at the hotel and then took a tram to the exact place the statue was and then walked in the centre and tried a burger at one of the restaurants.

It was a warm evening with a gorgeous sunset and as little as I've seen it, I liked the city. I also think you will have a lot of things to do and visit. I will not tell you about the wine as I don't usually drink, but as someone used to Moselle Valley, I thought all the land surrounding Bordeaux would be only vines and from the motorway I haven't seen none. 

Still, the turtle statue is a monument dedicated to the wine industry related to Bordeaux and it took a while for all the people to clear the statue so I could take a decent picture of it. Its shell has a lot of symbols sculpted on it, including the myth according to which the whole world is build on a tortoise shell. The monument is in Place de la Victoire and from that point starts the walkway through the centre of the city, the longest pedestrian street in Europe.

For us Bordeaux was an easy city to navigate as it is well connected by tram, I also liked the river promenade and its terraces. We enjoyed one last beer outside as the next day we went home where for the past two weeks it rained daily. 

I hope you enjoyed my little article as much as I've enjoyed writing it and as usual, you can find me on Instagram @mademoiselle.ralu

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