August 19, 2019

Spain - Renting a boat for a day

If you, like me, are not the beach potato kind of person (google couch potato!), meaning you dislike sitting all day long on a beach with occasional visits to the sea, I truly recommend you rent a boat for a day and explore the nearby towns and beaches.

We did exactly that on a Sunday, while on holiday in Spain, and I have to say it was an experience. I was sceptical at first, as we travelled with Luna and she is a shepards sheep dog, not so accustomed with water, but turns out that she is well behaved and she likes the water as long as we are in it.

My friend took care of renting the boat, so I don't know much about that, but a short browse on google would get you all the answers you seek. I will only tell my experience.

We started the "journey" relatively early in the morning (on 10 a.m.) in the marina of Fuengirola, a town about an hour away from our place. There we met our skipper, a very nice Dutch man who was our guide for the day.

The boat, a Bavaria Yacht, was a sailing one, meaning that it had an engine, but was mainly powered by the force of the wind. Our skipper was very enthusiastic in explaining how everything worked, involving the guys from time to time in pulling the strings and from what I understood inflating or deflating the sales. Sorry for my lack of knowledge or willingness to document it, but I assume there are a lot of my readers who, like me, would want an experience like that for the fun of it, and not because they are really passionate about sailing boats.

The boat had three cabins, two bathrooms, a living-room/kitchen, a terrace and a deck. I spent most of the time on the terrace (again I'm positive it is not called terrace, but bear with me) watching the sea, hoping to see some dolphins, eating and drinking, but my friends tried the water, sunbathed on the deck and at one point paddled to shore to buy ice cream.

So, overall a nice day spent at sea, learning a little bit about this sea lifestyle, as our skipper slept on the boat, found out that it is sustainable to live on a boat and also cover long distances at the same time. So in a nutshell one could sleep on a different port/marina every night.

Here are some pictures of our adventure

I hope you enjoyed my little article as much as I've enjoyed writing it and as usual, you can find me on Instagram @mademoiselle.ralu

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