August 23, 2019

Spain - Salobreña, the lovely town we discovered by pure chance

Spain, or south of Spain, lives on a different timetable than ours. So much so that when we were hungry everything was closed, when we left the beach because it was too hot, around 12 p.m., the locals would only arrive to the beach, if I wanted to eat something before 8 p.m. I would starve, I walked Luna on the beach around 8 a.m. with the tourists, so for us it took some time to get on Spain's schedule.
And on one of those days when in our town all we could find was a filthy terrace serving seafood for "our lunch", we decided to check out a fortress and then go to lunch on their schedule. The closest one left un-visited was the one in Salobreña, so in a short 20 minute drive we were parked on a steep slope and on our way through town to the fortress.

The town was something unexpected for me at least. White houses surrounded by gardens with red and pink flowers, narrow streets, crockery little benches from place to place where one could rest on the steep climb, small shops, of course closed as it was full on siesta time, and very close to the church and the fortress a lovely little square with a fountain and a terrace where me and Luna stopped as my husband would go and visit the fortress.
All I wanted was an agua con gas fria, por favor, when the waiter said the magic words: "would you like to have lunch?". I was exactly where I needed to be, Luna was treated with cold water, my husband was visiting something he liked and I had a menu with a lot of yummy stuff I could choose from.

We had lunch and a bit of sangria and then we went down the hill to our car, taking pictures and glancing over the fences in people's gardens. An unexpected little gem we stumbled upon by pure chance and I'm glad we did.
What I wanted to say was even if you purchase an all inclusive holiday at your hotel, visit the area, check the local attractions and you might be in for a treat. We are more interested in discovering the local way of living, admiring the local flora and taste the food from a small tavern forgotten somewhere, than having the biggest room with the most amenities and stuffing the most instagramable meal. But this is just the way we are and if in these more than 10 years since I'm writing on this blog I got to know you a little bit as well, you might like the same stuff.

I hope you enjoyed my little article as much as I've enjoyed writing it and as usual, you can find me on Instagram @mademoiselle.ralu

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