August 12, 2019

Spain - Is it worth to visit the Alhambra Palace?

The short answer would be NO.

So if you are looking for that STOP reading right now and enjoy your day.

If you made it this far, let's expand:
The Alhambra Palace was my dream experience for the south of Spain and somehow every time I was in the area I've missed it. So maybe that is why I've ignored the red flags on their ticket website and purchased tickets for me and my friends, the full ones, 14 euros. The whole shabackle with printing your tickets and only print them, with everyone holding on to their ticket, even the kids, with introducing all your personal data on their website, passed my mostly vigilant mind, and hit next upon next to get to the downloadable tickets. Not even the fact that there were tickets on only specific dates and you were somehow forced to pick a time out of your holiday schedule, raised any questions on my side. I wanted to visit Alhambra Palace and nothing mattered.

So, never mind that on the day I forgot about Luna, who is a dog and so not allowed inside, and had to stay with her and not visit the Alhambra Palace which made me more determined to really visit it this time and went again through the same process and purchased the next available ticket and went on visiting the palace on my own.
Talking strictly about my visit now. Of course, it sucked I was alone and had to rely on the willingness of strangers in taking a photo and as a consequence all the photos of me are bad, blurred, with my mouth open explaining how my fancy camera operates or even on one side of the picture. But talking about the visit, it sucked.

Although I started the visit at 6.30 p.m. so almost in the evening it was hot as hell, so I've suffered throughout the visit because I forgot to buy water. Than I had to rush the visit to the gardens because they were closing, than I had to queue to get inside the Nasrid Palace, then when I've finished with the palace the Generallife was closed, then I couldn't take one singe photo without people in it, then did I say it was hot as hell?
So overall not a pleasant experience. And on top of it all as I've rushed through all the things to visit, I forgot to buy any postcards or even a magnet from the inside boutiques and they closed. And to make things worse, from the palace I followed the same route back to the front gate, only to find out as I've reached the gate it was closed so I had to go back to the palace and use the car exit. I was pissed!

Don't get me wrong, the Palace Alhambra is great, its history is great, it looks great, the gardens (the ones I did manage to visit) were great, but the small things ruined that experience for me. Not having a sign on the palace that after 7 p.m. the gate would close and you had to use the other gate, still allowing people inside after 6 p.m. although knowing they would not have time to visit it all, closing the gardens with people inside, and if I am really honest, after visiting Morocco (even just Marrakesh), Alhambra is just but a bad joke.
Still, I'm glad I've visited it, I'm glad I took my mind off of it. So if, you like me, dream about that visit, do it! But if it is just a fling, just because you are in the area, save those 14 euros and go to the other smaller fortresses and palaces build by the Moors in Granada. Yes they lack the grandeur given by the Spanish Touristic Board, but your experience would be far better. And don't forget to have water!

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