August 7, 2019

What is the best time for a Summer holiday?

Long time no sea! as they say on Instagram together with the iconic already, feet on the beach.

Today I come to you with a bit of lamenting as my Summer holiday is over and I still haven't got into the daily routine and feel that life is unfair and that every day should be a holiday. But we are grownups and somehow we have to fake it till we make it, right?

So, what is the best time for a Summer holiday?

I used to have this theory and the best time for a holiday in the Summer would be late August, beginning of September. The logic was the following: everyone takes their holiday in August, or at least late July. So in that time you take some of the responsibilities from your working buddies and you endure only thinking about that glorious day on the beach. Then, coming late August, beginning of September, the weather is just the same, the tourist are all gone, the prices are a little bit lower, as the season is over, and that is the time you take your holiday. As your colleagues suffer over the holiday reminiscing their adventures, you are about to take on yours. Genius!

That was my logic until this year when we decided to take our holiday at the end of July and so, now, early August, I'm writing about my long gone holiday, sobbing about routine and wondering "who works in August anyway?"

I'm still struggling to grasp the advantages of our choice for this year, but what about you: What do you think is the best time for a Summer holiday?

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