September 2, 2019

France - What would be the only castle you would choose to visit from the Loire Valley? - I chose Chaumont sur Loire

The Loire Valley is another place we have to check again soon. On our way from the south of Spain to Luxembourg we passed by the area and decided we would visit just one castle. As my husband would settle with any castle, I had to choose one from the large list google provided and I choose Chaumont sur Loire. Why you ask? Because it looked round and welcoming, because it had beautiful gardens and because at one point belonged to Catherine de Medici. 

As usual Luna was allowed inside the property, but not inside the castle and to visit the gardens you have to pay the full ticket. So we took turns in visiting the castle and I liked it. It was furnished, although it could use a little vacuuming (I do understand it is old and the pieces inside are antiques, but so are all the ones in German or Luxembourgish castles and they don't give me a dust allergy as soon as I step inside). 

From the time you see the signs towards the castle from the road until you pass the garden the castle remains hidden, I've rushed all the way through to see it and pretty much this is the first thing you see (the first picture). It has round towers from outside, it is in an U shape and from the inside courtyard the castle is similar to the ones in Belgium. The visit takes about an hour, it is not guided so you visit in your own pace. 

The gardens should also get a mention and I particularly liked the Loire balcony where they have these covered benches similar to the beach huts in Belgium.

As I hope to come back one day, I will not give you many details, but I was pleased with my choice. I liked the castle, did not understand why one would put feathers in the garden, but to each their own, I found out that the first Romanian king stayed there at some point, although I did not find out why, I learned more about the way of living in that era, the furniture, the decorations, I loved the tiles. All in all, a nice visit.

I hope you enjoyed my little article as much as I've enjoyed writing it and as usual, you can find me on Instagram @mademoiselle.ralu

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