October 28, 2016

Luxembourg - Stop-frame animation - "We call it IE"

I made this movie in a digital storytelling summer school organised by the coordinators of my master, in September 2016. 
I was asked to bring an object, that has a special meaning for me and then in one week to create a short (3 minutes) movie about it using stop-frame animation. Easier said than done, because prior to that week I've never worked with stop-frame animation. It was a good thing though, because it forced me to get out of my comfort zone and do something new, for me.
Of course I choose a Romanian Blouse, what better object? I have to say that since then I had a ton of ideas about other movies using stop-frame animation and a Romanian blouse, or several, and I hope that some day I will actually get to do them. But until that time, this movie has to do. It is not a masterpiece, but you have to bear in mind that it is a movie done in one week, or even less.
If you never worked with stop-frame animation, you might say that it's not a big deal, but it is time consuming. Just to give you an example, the short piece with a Romanian Blouse, it was done in a little over two hours. So two hours for ten seconds of movie or even less. Never mind, the placing of lights, the preparation, the pieces left out because of a shade, the mistakes and the starting over, the final piece you see in the movie is the best that I could do in that condition.
I know it's not that good, but for me it's great!
I intend to use more and more videos in my blog, so be prepared for other stop-frame animation in the future.
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If you are interested in stop-frame animation I can give you some tips. I want to mention here that we were trained by Salmagundi Films team, from London. 

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