October 5, 2016

Freedom Bus Experience - From Berlin to Roes

The trip was exhausting. We had no Internet and we had a small toilet which some people didn't know how to flush. "Imagine that!"

It was ok up to the point when after 5 or 6 hours I've asked how much time we had utill the destination and the answer was "another 5 hours". I burst into tears. At that point I didn't care who was watching me, what impression I would have made, I had to cry. It was the only way I knew at that moment how to unwind. It didn't take long and I was not at all embarrassed about it. Crying is normal, and on top of everything I missed my life, my husband and my dog. I wanted to be home, with them, but I was stuck in a bus which made a 10 hours drive out of a 7 hours drive with a normal car. I was pissed. That's what I was.
Looking back it was childish, but I can't turn back time and I have no warranty that I wouldn't do the same thing again. Even now, thinking back, I don't care. Of course there were people who didn't understand, unsympathetic people, but I'm fine with it. I still think that my actions were normal. I had a cold which prevented me from breathing normally, I didn't had Internet, I had nothing in common with most of the people that shared the same bus with me, I was alone.

When I composed myself I played a weird game with the others, something with letters and city names and brands, so we would pass the time. Eventually the bus arrived in Koblentz. I don't consider this area as my home, but I felt somehow home. From Koblentz a bus would take us to Roes. I borrowed a laptop with music and I played it as loud as I could, without damaging my ears in the process. It was Adele so I was fine.

We arrived in Roes to a little water mill transformed into a conference centre and hotel. We had a three bed room and I shared the room with a Polish guy and the London girl. I was ok

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