October 15, 2016

Museum night in Luxembourg

OK it was almost a week ago, but I didn't get a chance to stay in front of a blank page and write something.

So, the Museum Night in Luxembourg was on October 8th and I think there were seven museums to visit. I've already seen all the museums on the list, but it was a night out with our friends so it didn't matter that much.

We visited Mudam, Casino, Vila Vauban and Natural History Museum. I have to say that all these museums had a program prepared especially for that evening, but I liked Mudam, the most. I know it's shocking coming from me, not a contemporary art fan, but I think the Belgian artist Wim Deloye is something else. At least I can see an idea behind his art and at least his works are hard worked on. Mudam was filled with his works form different periods in his artistic life and one could really see his progress.

On the basement there were the works of another artist, some prints on glass and some sort of a performance, with a girl walking backwards in a room with clocks. The concept was nice, but that was it. I've already told you I don't get contemporary art.

Then we went to the Natural History Museum. They had a Peruvian band playing and some cocktails, but their exhibition was too small. It took us more time to climb the stairs than to visit the exhibition. I know they are rethinking the museum so I will be gentle. They have an amazing building so let's just hope they will think of an amazing permanent exhibition to go with it.

At The Casino the exhibition was entirely made by screens showing some short movies. It was funny cause in one of the rooms the screen was black, because the movie just ended or something, but still there were more than ten people staring at a black screen. True contemporary art lovers :)

The last one was Villa Vauban, interesting if you want to see the art works of only Luxembourgers painters. They had a great food truck, though and a wine tasting.

I'll let you enjoy my pictures. Most of them are form Mudam, because in my opinion that was the best exhibition. I read in the newspaper that at the History Museum they had more interesting events, but I'll keep that in mind for next year.

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