April 9, 2020

Corona Times - Week two of isolation

I rely a lot on the photos from my phone as the last few weeks have been so hectic, I already forgot what I did. So, as a freelancer my day was similar to what you are all experiencing right now. Waking up early in the morning for social media, meetings after 10 a.m., content creation up to the evening. It was hard to get into a routine and not spent my whole day in my pyjamas, but I did it. Well now throw a daughter and a husband both home into the mix, and some clients who all wanted to communicate in the most creative way that their businesses will change but remain the same, and the worries of the unknown and you get the picture of my first weeks of the pandemic.

We had to negotiate our spaces, I was left with the laptop and the windowsill. We had to negotiate the time spent with Ilinca, fortunately she is a very good child, she sleeps most of the nights, she laughs all day, she is happy and she is growing so fast. So the frustration of having to go back to work so soon after birth was added into the mix.

The second week of our self-isolation was the first week of working from home in Luxembourg, but at the same time, in Belgium was business as usual. So for a few days we lived in three realities, the Luxembourgish one from work, the Belgian one from home and the Romanian one we are still connected to as we have family and friends there. Little by little they aligned as all the countries decided to adopt the work from home strategy in limiting the influence of the Corona Virus.
My daffodils

My neighbours's flowers
As events were canceled, art started to burst on social-media, especially on Instagram. I was impressed by all the creative energy everyone seemed to have over there. Hashtags such as #stayhome and #flattenthecurve were starting to trend and from the communicator point of view it was an interesting time, we had to adapt from one day to the next. For most of my clients I've adopted a show-all strategy. As one of them is a supermarket, we've started showing the real heroes of this crisis, the people who cannot work from home, but have to stay safe for their families. As I'm writing this, it worked, let's see what the next week will bring.
Two houses up the street there is a Health Centre which I still don't know what it does, but I found it has a nice wall to pose next to.
Again my daffodils
My colouring art provided by the talented artist Madalina Andronic
Luna is always by my side
Instagram Stories the only way I communicate these days
It was frustrating to see all those events being canceled or postponed. Even events taking place two months from that date were canceled, but that gave the space for creative events and one of those was Window Aperol Luxembourg. So basically on Facebook people organised a public event. The attendees would have something to drink by the window, all at the same time. Aperol or not we all enjoyed the event and was glad we were not alone in this. I think it was the first Wednesday of the isolation. Traditionally in Luxembourg Wednesdays are meant for breaking the week so all the important events are organised on Wednesday evenings.  
The tradition did not stop in the time of Corona, we all go to our window and share the moment.
My husband baked bread
With my daughter and a Snapchat filter :)
My windowsill office 💙💙💙💙
That was the second week of isolation for me. As usual I'm on Instagram @mademoiselle.ralu

P.S. BTW did I get it right, quarantine is when you are sick and you are ordered to stay home and avoid contact with other people, self-isolation is what we are all voluntarily doing, that is staying at home, not going out, not meeting friends or family that do not share the same house with us, washing hands, disinfecting every surface, you know the drill. 
Also, covid-19 is the disease and Corona is the virus, right?

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