April 11, 2020

Corona Times - Week three of isolation

On the third week things were starting to settle down. I still had a runny nose and had to stay away from my new-born daughter, but little by little we discovered new places to visit and adapted to our new reality. 
I don't like to cook and that is a known fact, but I do know how to follow a recipe and most of the times something eatable comes out of the effort. And when I want to cook it is usually something sweet, like pancakes. Well in this pandemic times I have tried my hand in making banana bread and Romanian doughnuts. 
Again the creative space that is Instagram; this week the trend was with making templates for InstaStories or filling in the templates. 
Every year, or almost every year since we moved to this region we go and see the tulip fields in the Netherlands in Spring. I love the whole country and its people, but the tulip fields are something special I want to experience every year. And this year we were supposed to go to the Netherlands on the long Ester weekend. Being orthodox, our Easter is one week after the Catholic one and we almost never have a day off for our Easter so it would have been the best time to go to the Netherlands see the tulips and smell the sea, first one with our daughter. I usually book the trip in January because coming April or May the prices skyrocket. 
Obviously this year as much as I put off cancelling the reservation, I had to do it, but this year our garden tulips bloomed. I will show you them in the coming weeks, they are really gorgeous! 
Time does not stand still and Ilinca is two months old already. We celebrated by dressing her with a skirt and walking down the street two houses to the parking of the Athenee of Arlon which is a Secondary School, obviously empty. 
Found this while walking Luna and thought they were nice. I usually notice nature around us, but in this time where streets are empty I notice it even more.
Snapchat during quarantine
I'm walking Luna for longer distances now and at the train station I've noticed they replaced the commercial signs with those.
I don't like taking selfies as most of the time I don't know how to take them, we usually ask someone to take a picture of us, but in those times no one was even on the street and even if they were no one was willing to touch an unknown person's phone.
Empty Arlon looked like a post-apocalyptic town in which only the dog walkers and joggers survived and all the Belgians learned English. I think I've used this before, but I liked it so much I might use it again :)
That was then, when it was cold, when the warm weather came, the streets filled again with children and bikes and laughter, not so safe, not so social distancing, but a sign of normality somehow.
My windowsill office
I use incredible amounts of hand cream and my hands are still very rough and cracked in places from all the hand washing. I miss a trip to DM in Germany
My tulips are growing

And I still buy tulips from the store
And this is my glorious first banana bread. I've made three by now, but the first is the most important. It looked good, it tasted fantastic and it was very easy to make.
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