April 11, 2020

Corona Times - Forth week of isolation

By the forth week, we realised it is what it is and we cannot change anything, but we can enjoy this time spent together. Our routine is, I wake up in the morning, feed Ilinca and do social-media, then my husband wakes up and goes to the office, we have lunch together in the kitchen, then some more work and Ilinca time and then the working day is over, I walk Luna, we make dinner and stay a bit at the TV, bed and reload. Although challenging, I am glad he is at home, he gets to see our daughter every hour of the day and we both share the time spent with her.
Walking Luna on an empty town makes you notice things such as this little emblem plastered on the sidewalk, a campaign of the Water Company advising citizens to not through garbage in the water. It was funny as on this particular week on social media there was a challenge to post the last picture or video you took of the sea. I am usually enthusiastic about those challenges, but not that week. Still as the sigh clearly says "Here starts the sea" I've posted that with the #challengeaccepted :)
I had to boost my moral somehow and usually a good book helps
Ilinca is growing, please don't start with dressing her in pink as she is a girl, because first I don't have the nerves for that kind of an argument and second because my favourite colours are orange and blue, of course I will dress her in something I like until she will be old enough to have her own opinions.
I did them all :)
In the absence of people, flowers started blooming in the city
My favourite houses in Arlon. I like them because they remind me so much of Holland.
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