April 16, 2020

Corona Times - Isolation week six

I don't know what happened, I lost track of time. As we were advice to telework or work from home a week before Luxembourg entered the lockdown, because we have a newborn at home, for me/us this is the sixth week of lockdown although for everybody it is the fifth. Just to be clear, this is the week which will end with the Catholic Easter so the week 6-12 of April 2020. 
I am mesmerised with the state of my garden. I love my tulips and we found small tomato plants so all is good.
We had to trim them, but first I took a picture. We are fortunate to have a garden in this quarantine times.
We did not do much this week, but on Saturday we went for a walk in Arlon as the city was empty as everyone was busy celebrating Easter. It was warm and I took a lot of pictures of the bloom trees. Here we are on the stairs to Belvedere Arlon where someone wrote in English a lot of cute expressions.
I was impressed by the Queen of England speech and by "we will meet again" phrase used in the speech. This "I can't wait to hug you when this is over" is in the same spirit and it made me feel less alone in this French speaking town.
The cherry trees not yet in fool bloom, but amazing none the less
My bear hunt bear on my windowsill office

Have I told you already how much I love the creative energy on Instagram? It seems like all the artists I follow got even more creative during lockdown. This t-shirt is designed by a Romanian artist, Madalina Matache on Instagram and it says "T-shirt for staying home" in a gorgeous font. Of course I've got it, but it will arrive after the lockdown is over.
The Palais in Arlon, it's an exhibition centre in a lovely building. As I'm writing this we already started phase one of getting off lockdown, but still public events will be banned until August 31st :(
My husband's apple crumble pie
This week the rules loosened a bit and we were allowed to drive in recreational purposes if we have a child younger than 5 years old. So we took the car and went to a nice forest.
The Arlon Cathedral and Covid-19 posters
Sunset from Belvedere Arlon
St. Donat Church at the Belvedere Arlon and the cherry trees.
The pictures are mixed from different days as this was again on Saturday.
It was a quiet week. Somehow the time seems to pass quicker now that we got accustomed with the quarantine and the lockdown. Now we start a new week and in a blink of an eye it is over. Six weeks in isolation without physically see our friends or family... :(
Again I'm grateful we are all healthy and alive and we have Internet and apps that keep us closer, but I miss most hugging my friends, having a drink on a terrace, walking in the Grund Area, the English stores in Germany, the easy life we all had here. I hope it will all come to a new normal and I hope this new normal will not be much different from what we had.
Happy Easter, friends!
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