April 20, 2020

Corona times - The seventh week of isolation

By the seventh week of isolation measures were taken to start loosen the lockdown and get things back to normal, how that normal was gonna look, no one really knew. It was certain that holidaying in the summer was over and we would be lucky if we could go to visit our parents. I think what is most dangerous right now are believing the rumours. I have faith in the decisions the Luxembourgish authorities take and up to now the authorities in Arlon are mirroring. What is certain is that all public events are cancelled until July 31st in Luxembourg and August 31st in Arlon, that means both national day celebrations, we are required to wear face masks in public places, schools will gradually restart and also garden centres and recycling parks will reopen.
I have a subscription at the crafty/hobby magazine, Flow and they also shared these colouring sheets. It started with the blue tiles, but it got me colouring again :)
Despite de lockdown and the constant menacing of the corona virus we are lucky to live in this area and live walking distance from this beauty. This is the view from Belvedere Arlon or St. Donat Church.
This wall hanging came with a bunch of things I've ordered before I gave birth to our daughter, from Next. I kept moving it from place to place not finding a spot for it in Ilinca's room. In the end I used a blob of patafix :) it's not aesthetic, but it will do.
I've told you a few weeks ago that I've enrolled into a bunch of online classes or workshops, well I've managed to actually take part in one. They are organised by Calea Victoriei Foundation in Bucharest and this particular one was about Brancusi. It was interesting to a point, I can't wait now for the next one about magic and folklore.
Cherry trees from Arlon Belvedere
I've already forgot about the Easter Monday in Luxembourg and Emaichen
So tradition calls in every Easter Monday for a clay market to be organised in a small town in Luxembourg, Nospelt the epicentre of the clay industry in the area, now extinct. And from that market children would buy little bird shaped clay whistles. The picture is from last year, but I do hope to share this wonderful tradition with our daughter again, next year. 
Speaking of, they are my wonders, Luna and Ilinca. 
Luna is very sad about the whole situation, because she is a sociable dog and lacks the pets and hugs from the postman and the sniffs of other dogs on the street. I don't know why the dog owners do not allow their dog to smell each other, but I do hope things will get back to normal as Luna is very unhappy.
Ilinca is all smiles and she is a very good child. You have one guess who dressed her for this walk :) Not me.
In this region we were lucky to have free travel. I would not go as far as saying we took it for granted, as we realised how lucky we were, but now that the travelling is put to a halt, we miss having the opportunity to visit a castle in Germany or a town in France or even to walk in the Luxembourg's Grund area and visit Melusina. The small things, like seeing our friends for a game night, or going to a terrace, or to a park, I think we miss those the most.

Instagram made me buy it :) 
It's not just me, each of my friends say they are tempted to buy a lot of things online, as we still have the possibility. Ilinca started grabbing things, but only small ones as small as fingers and while I was browsing Insta I've spotted these toys, Matchstick Monkeys. She seems to like them, but now she is too little to chew stuff. Still they are very nice and well made and in these times helping small businesses is important. 

The third banana bread :)
From the forest
This was our seventh week of isolation. I tend to keep busy on Instagram so if you want to stay in touch you can find me there @mademoiselle.ralu

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