June 12, 2017

Luxembourg - Live Cinema@Philarmonie

I've just made a list with all the posts to write on the blog and I've panicked a little because I have a lot of stories. First thing first, let me tell you about Live Cinema at Luxembourg's Philharmonic.

I don't know if you are familiar with the concept (I wasn't) of Live Cinema. You watch a silent movie and the orchestra plays some sort of a soundtrack. The "official" definition I found online describes Live Cinema as "live musical accompaniment of silent movies".

Nevertheless, if you live in Luxembourg you can experience Live Cinema at Philarmonie every month. You have to check their website for information and tickets. I went to The thief of Bagdad, but there are more silent movies to choose from. Next I might try a Charlie Chaplin movie

A word of advice, although you might be tempted to buy a ticket in the first rows, don't. If you want to watch the movie, it's uncomfortable. If you are more interested in the performance of the orchestra, maybe it is a good idea. I had tickets in the forth row and my neck was stiff for a day after, but because I was the first time at this sort of event I've learned my lesson.

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P.S. Wearing a fancy dress is not mandatory, I even saw people in their jeans. I am old school and I've dressed up for this occasion. I so rarely wear my doll dresses, that I have to take advantage of every chance I get.

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