June 20, 2017

Celebrate the Romanian Blouse in Luxembourg!

The Romanian Blouse celebrated in Luxembourg in 2016
Romanians in Luxembourg will celebrate for the fifth consecutive year the Romanian Blouse, called IA. Initiated by the online community “La Blouse Roumaine”, the festivities will take place on Saturday, 24th of June.
At 6 p.m. we will be in Place Clairfontaine, in Luxembourg City, wearing our traditional Romanian Blouses. After that, we will go to a beer garden where we can get to know each other better, and we can share the story of our IA.
If you are curious about Romanian traditions and folklore, and if you want to get to know us better, please join us! You can admire first hand this beautiful piece of clothing.
The Romanian Peasant Blouse is a representative piece of our folklore. Rooted in an idyllic past, Romanian women carried on the tradition of sewing peasant blouses. With everything being done manually, from the fabric to the thread and embroidery, just a single blouse can be created during the winter season. For just one blouse, the woman would work from three weeks to three months. During Easter Celebrations, she would wear her new blouse, being admired by the whole village for her craftsmanship and ingenuity in creating these authentic pieces of art.
IA preserves tradition through its ornaments, which highlight the differences in age, social status, and life events. The structure of the Romanian blouse has remained unchanged over the centuries.
In 1940, the famous French painter, Henri Matisse, created an important series of paintings which portrayed women in Romanian blouses. The beauty and handmade embroidery of peasant blouses inspired several designers, like Karl Lagerfeld, Tom Ford and John Galliano, but the Romanian Blouse is the original.
That is why, the celebrations of the Romanian Blouse in Luxembourg, give you the unique possibility to admire and ask questions about this piece of our heritage. Every Romanian Blouse that traveled to Luxembourg is bearing a story, either they are inherited from grandmothers, or they are found in a remote village or bought at the market. No matter the case, in their migrant luggage, the Romanian women found a place for their blouses.
The 24th of June gives us the possibility to proudly wear our blouses and tell their stories. For five consecutive years we celebrate our dear blouses in Luxembourg, and we would like you to be part of our story.
In 2013, over 24,000 people, in 50 countries, across six continents, chose to voluntarily participate in the day of the Romanian blouse. In many cities around the world, Romanian women wore IA and then posted their pictures on social media. The day of the Romanian blouse is celebrated every year on 24th of June.
Celebrate IA in Luxembourg! To view the full program, visit our Facebook event at:
Raluca Caranfil

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