June 19, 2017

Luxembourg - Remish - Salsa Cruise

The weather in Luxembourg is definitely better then last year and the year before. So much so, that I managed not only to insolate myself daily, but to burn my arms and face. I'm not complaining though, I have all the sun protection creams in the world and I actually prefer this weather to the cloudy and rainy one that Luxembourg usually has this time of year.

I've told you about the weather because there will be a lot of posts with outdoor activities, cause what to do when It's sunny outside?

One of those activities was a Salsa cruise on Moselle. I honestly have no idea how to book such a cruise, my friend took care of the booking, but I guess if you look hard on the Internet you will find all the details. They went a long way, but people living in Luxembourg are still not that Internet and social media friendly so you have to know someone who knows something, unfortunately that's how it works.

On that particular day there were a lot of someone on that boat cruise, I would say around 200 people if not more, so somehow this Salsa cruise is advertised, I just don't know where to look.

The cruise started at 7 p.m., the boat left at 8 p.m. and it came back to the shore around midnight. As I understood the party continued until 2 a.m., but the boat was docked.

We started in Remich in Luxembourg, we went up to Schengen, we crossed into France, we spent almost an hour to go through the flood gate and then we turned, spending another hour to get back through the flood gate and back to Remich.

Of course this are small details, because people who embarked on the cruise were not there for the itinerary. A Salsa Cruise means that people are dancing salsa while the boat travels on the Moselle. As I am not much of a dancer, I enjoyed the scenery, I took a million pictures, I ate pesto pasta and danced a little, but not too much.

I was in great company and I had a lot of fun. I will definitely repeat the experience!


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