May 22, 2017

Belgium - Found yellow flower fields in Arlonia

First of all, I am obsessed with this yellowish/mustardy colour this season and I bought a lot of stuff on this colour. Plus I had some more stuff from past years, so now my wardrobe is filled with this colour, which is not yellow and it's not mustard, it's something in between. I'm sure it has a proper name, I am just too lazy to look on the Internet for it. So I didn't match my outfit with the flower field, as I said on Instagram, I just have a lot of items on this colour.

That being said, I am known to stop the car in the middle of the road just to take a photo, well actually I ask my husband to stop the car since I don't have a drives's licence yet, but yes I would do that.

Third, I don't know how to call the flowers, either. In Romania we call them "rapiță" and I used to call them rapeseed in English, until someone pointed out that they are called rape, what an ugly name for a flower! So I will continue to call them rapeseed. It is a plant used to make oil, which I've heard it's good for something, but in this area they use them to make paint. The fields appear in this area around the month of May and I like their smell :)

I took the pictures with my phone (I have to get used to carry my camera again with me), on our way to grocery shopping. Luna was also present, but for some reason she didn't like the flowers so she did not stay still for a single picture. I have a nice GIF with her, but I am too stupid to upload GIF's to blogger.

You can find it though on my fb. page:

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