May 19, 2017

A new symbol for Luxembourg?

Following my recent trip to the Nederlands and Amsterdam, I've tracked this sign through Luxembourg and I wanted to show it to you, because it can possibly (hopefully) become one of this old town symbols.

Now it sits in Park Pescatore and from what I could see it was already a public's favourite as I queued to take a picture with it on a rainy day. Still after a lot of Internet digging I found out that it will not stay there for a long time, but it will travel to Moselle region and than to the place where Tour de France, will pass through Luxembourg.

The sign is 14 meters long and it is part of the new campaign to brand or re-brand Luxembourg. Basically this country is struggling to go from "We want to remain what we are" a slogan they used after WWII to "Let's make it happen". A sum of questions rose to my mind about the campaign and the slogan, but this post is about the sign, which I love. I would have thought that as wealthy as they are (or they appear to be), they would leave the sign in Luxembourg and make another one to travel the country, but... We are talking about a town who send the real Gelle Fra to Shanghai for an exhibition, so there is not much to ask for... 

So there you have it. I am glad I got to take pictures of it, I hope you will do, too. If you have the nerves to look for more information on the sign or the campaign here are some sources:

Nation Branding Results in New Signature and Tools to Promote Luxembourg

New logo & promo for Luxembourg


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