May 8, 2017

On how I was educated by my neighbour's cats

As a disclaimer I have to point out that this is the first time I live in a house. It's not an apartment in a house, it's a whole house. Don't hate me, I live in Arlon :)

That being said, when we moved to this area and chose a house, I pretty much imagined my life being the same as the one in an apartment, just a lot bigger. I learned that we had to trim the garden, which I don't like to this day. I've learned that all that space has to be filled somehow and I think that in the past 5 years I am a pro at this, helped of course by Action, Hema and other stores like that. I've learned that we can theoretically plant our own fruits and vegetables, so last year we had a blast watching the cherry tomatoes grow. But most importantly, I've learned not to leave food outside.

Living most of my life on the upper floors, I never bothered with leaving food on the balcony. A pot of soup to cool, some groceries, this kind of stuff. Here we have our recycling bins on the balcony and although I don't leave actual food outside, I occasionally put a can of finished tuna on the recycling bin. Bad mistake, because my neighbour's cats enjoy digging through the bin, finding the can and playing with it, I imagine. And because they are well raised cats, the next day they bring food back.

The same happens when we feed them, or when they enter the house and eat Luna's food. And so, I've lost the track of how many mice we had to pick from the alley. Nasty, right?

So I may not know much about living in a house, but I know this; don't leave food outside, not even an empty can o tuna :)

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