April 29, 2017

Travel music?

First of all hit the music button!

I've got for you one of my latest discoveries, Justin Timberlake with Can't stop this feeling, which I call I got sunshine in my pocket. I know it's from 2015, but I got to love it now.

Here in Luxembourg we do a lot of travelling, for work, for fun, for the weekend, mostly by car, but even if you take the plane or the train, you need some music.

With me is another thing. For example, this weekend May 1st is coming. I'm planning the trip since February, cause if you ever wanted to get a decent price in Holland in tulip season, that's what you have to do. Booked a room and researched a little what to do in the area besides watching the tulips grow. A month ago I've started researching hard (another article about tips and tricks is on it's way) and two or three days before the actual trip it was like I've already been there, I wasn't excited anymore about it. I usually do that, so to get my moral up again I listen to music, or I plan a drive stick (on my time we would burn a CD or make a tape, now it's with music on a flash drive) with of course, drive music.

What is drive music?

Well to put it short is the music that makes you happy, that get's you up the chair, dancing. I was a Metallica girl, I dressed in black and wore boots winter and summer, but when I got a car I realised that Metallica, Bon Jovi or Berry White (the music I was listening at that moment) have little or no drive songs. It's a proved fact that I've learned at my first radio job that there are what they call "drive music" with a certain beat, fortunately I forgot all about it, it was a dark time in my career :) cause mixing songs on Winamp was not what I've learned at Journalism school. It was a good job, but I was going in another direction. Still the drive music thing stuck to my brain and even now when I have to plan a list of songs to last from Luxembourg to Amsterdam I arrange songs by their beat :)

So what would you put on a drive stick?

It's so weird for me to call it drive stick (I know that the shifting gear stick in a car is also called drive stick), list of drive songs sounds better? Whatever. There is a reason why on the radio you hear certain songs from an artist and not the whole album, so pick from the songs you hear on the radio. In Luxembourg I listen to ARA, so for me it's a little bit complicated to reproduce their playlist, because they air a certain type of songs, good for the radio, not to my taste, though. So I pick the hit songs, such as "Can't stop this feeling", Uptown funk - Bruno Mars"

Mixed with a little bit of Adele, you have to have Adele. I like One and only
It's a heavy song so next goes Maroon 5 with "Sugar"
You get the picture. 
I mix something from Ed Sheeran and some Amy Winehouse, Katy Perry, Taylor Swift and at some point I introduce Queen and I listen to the whole Greatest Hits album :)
At this point, my husband wants his music and we listen to some jazz, which is opposite to drive music, but he is the driver, so...
This is just a list with my drive music, you can listen to whatever makes you happy and gets you off the chair and sing out loud especially when you wait in a queue around a big city. 
Friends, enjoy your long weekend and if you go to Holland for the tulips drop me a line to tell me how it was.
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