April 24, 2017

Luxembourg - Photos from my phone

I take a lot of pictures and since I have a phone with a decent camera, I take even more. Of course I like them all and of course I would like to exhibit them somewhere, but usually they end up saved on my hard drive and that's it. Some of them are published on my Instagram, but I cannot post there as many as I would like, so what better platform to make them famous, than my blog?
Actually, it was an old habit of mine, to take pictures with my phone and publish them here, back when I was capturing what was in my mind an interesting moment, or a funny thing I would discover on a wall, you know, those instances when taking a picture would remind me of something. Now, I use my phone as a camera and my actual camera sits somewhere and I only use it when I need a good quality for my pictures, as for this blog or sometimes for my job. I hope to change that with this series of posts.
There must be more than 15 years since I last used a phone booth, but they do exist and in Luxembourg they are functional. They are so well integrated in our urban landscape, that we don't even notice them. This picture is from Luxembourg.
In March, I went back home, to Romania and although I stayed there for two days, I took a lot of photos. This is the Palace of Culture, a collection of museums, in Iasi, the capital of Moldova region in Romania.
In Luxembourg (and anywhere for that matter) I always look up. Sometimes I discover interesting buildings that are right in front of our eyes and we pass by them daily, but we don't notice. This one is on the city centre and I think it hosts an expensive store or something. The building looks nice, though.
Last, but not least, a selfie. It reminded me of our trip to Heidelberg, e few weeks back. We arrived and parked the car and the first thing I saw was this gorgeous tree. As I went to take a picture, my husband found out that the parking was residential and we had to move the car and we never went back to the same spot to photograph the tree. So that was it. An instance :)
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