April 19, 2017

Luxembourg - Emaischen, keeping a Luxembourgish tradition

There are many beautiful, rural traditions still alive in Luxembourg, but for me Emaischen is special, because I found it on a very difficult year of my life, the first time we spent Easter alone in Luxembourg. We basically went into town to see if something was on and discovered a ceramic market, one of my passions. That is Emaischen for me, an occasion to discover new and talented ceramists working in Luxembourg and around and if that coincides with an ancient Luxembourgish tradition, all the better.
Emaischen, is celebrated on the Easter Monday and evolved around the whistle in a shape of a bird, called Peckveiller. On that particular day the people living in Luxembourg buy this bird shaped whistles to give to the loved ones. Children are especially enchanted by this celebration and one could hear the sound of the whistle from dusk till dawn in the old town.
To be fair, it all started in a town north of Luxembourg City called Nospelt, which was the centre of ceramic manufacturing in Luxembourg, it was there they made the first bird shaped whistles. Also in Nospelt they organise Emaischen, the ceramic market, and I discovered that the whistle manufacturers invent new shapes and new designs every year. There is also a ceramic museum in Nospelt, so if you do take the trip from Luxembourg, you will not be disappointed.
This year Easter passed so fast, I didn't even had time to enjoy it, so although we planned to go to Nospelt for Emaischen, we woke up late, it was raining so we changed plans and went to Luxembourg City instead. I have to say it wasn't as traditional as I expected, but I found good ceramists and even bought a coffee cup. Here are the photos:

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