April 14, 2017

Germany - Travelling with a dog to Koblenz from Luxembourg

Travelling with a dog is sometimes challenging, but when we travel to Germany or Nederland I feel our stress is reduced by their friendliness towards dogs.

Let's start from the beginning. Even for one day trips that we often take from Luxembourg to the neighbouring countries, Luna has a proper luggage. We have to prepare a muzzle for her (Luna is a collie so by definition a friendly dog and she is even more friendlier than Dea, but still she is a dog and I do understand that in public transport, for example, I have to have a muzzle for her), a foldable water ball, some treats, fresh water, a toy, poop bags and a long leash. Usually we manage not to forget anything, but there are exceptions. It happen that we took all from home and we forgot them in the car, for example.

Once we have a destination and we pack all those things for her, Luna is ready to go. Still, she likes to travel, but she hates the car. So even though she doesn't associate the car with negative destinations, such as the vet, she still cries a lot until she finds her place. Just to give you an idea, on a trip of two hours, such as the one to Koblenz, Luna cried for maybe half an hour.

So after a "stressful" journey by car for her, I love to end up in a green city as Koblenz is. She is automatically relaxed and she is ready to see it all. And if the city is one that is friendly towards dogs, I know I will love it, too.

What I mean by a dog friendly city?

To sum all the components in one paragraph, a dog friendly city is: a city with a lot of parks or green areas, a city where Luna has access inside big shops (that happens a lot in Germany and Nederlands, sometimes in Belgium), a city where Luna has access in restaurants or terraces, a city where Luna has access in the major tourist attractions, a city where you find poop bags close to green areas and of course you find garbage bins, a city where in crowded areas you happen to spot a boll with fresh water or even treats for the dog.

All those points were met in Koblenz and that made our experience as tourists even more pleasant. I hope I will make a travel blog about Koblenz someday, but until then here are some pictures:

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