December 31, 2018

Let's see what 2019 will bring!

This post was written and re-written many times, it even had another title, a good one, but in the end I've decided to not have an end of the year post, but look with a lot of hope towards 2019.

Still, I have to thank 2018 for keeping me and my family and close friends safe and healthy, for bringing me close to my passions, namely the Romanian blouse, for taking me to foreign and exciting places and for allowing me to revisit old ones.

This is what I expect pretty much from 2019 as well.

With that in mind, I have to thank you, my readers! You stood by me this year and supported me, even though the frequency of my articles was reduced from previous years, even though I've switched languages. This little old blog has grown a lot in 2018 with little or no effort from my part. And for that I thank you with all my heart!

I wish you all the good in the world, may all your wishes come true, may you be happy and healthy!

2018 came to an end, but let's see what 2019 will bring!


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