December 27, 2018

Was there a need for Mary Poppins to return?

Well, from the top I would say, NO.

I don't know what's with Disney lately that it's trying to recreate old movies, probably for younger generations, but to me it is pointless. I've recently seen Beauty and the Beast (2017) and to me it was flat, it had no sparkle, compared to the 1991 film.

So you see why I went to the movies just because the cinema complex was the only think opened in Luxembourg on the second day of Christmas and not because I really, really wanted to see Mary Poppins.

Still, compared to Beauty and the Beast, it had a sparkle, it had songs with meaning, it had great actors, a story it had it all, problem was I'm not so young anymore to enjoy it. And so were all the people in the audience last night. People over 35 who were there (besides being the second day of Christmas) just to compare the two movies, to compare Julie Andrews with Emily Blunt. And if that's the case, I don't think the return movie will make the impact the 1964 one did.

My question is are we out of stories to tell we have to remake old movies? I saw that Dumbo will be premiered on January, is that really necessary? Is Disney left without ideas?

My take is, instead of making average movies after old stories (by the way if you haven't read the P.L. Travers books you would never guess that the new movie made sense, as she wrote more than one story about Mary Poppins) why not invent new stories? I don't think the younger generations of this age are into old stories as we experienced them, so adapting old stories seems pointless, instead write new ones.

I remember waiting for a new Disney movie as waiting for Christmas, I only hope that they will adapt their strategies on making new movies, one per year is more than enough.

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