December 14, 2018

Austria - 24 hours in Vienna around Christmas

For me Vienna will always be the home of Hundertwasser no matter how many times I would visit that city and no matter now many artists my husband points out to me in museums. Vienna holds a special meaning, because it was one of the first cities I've visited outside Romania and from the whole that is Vienna I chose the colourful part.

So my 24 hours have to start at Kunst Haus Wien a museum I only discovered during this visit, as I previously known it as just a coffee house. I've looked through their website and it seems they only opened the extended museum in 2015 or something similar, otherwise I think I would have visited it before.  
The front of the museum looks like that and it is only 500 metres away from Hundertwasser's House 
As it was not that crowded I took the opportunity to pose in front of the museum...
...and match my outfit with the columns 
Next stop had to be the Hundertwasser's House, an apartment complex. It is exactly as I've remembered it, colourful and playful and mostly Eco.  
Another picture with a column, this time at Hundertwasser House
A short metro trip later and we were in front of St. Stephen Cathedral, with its own Christmas Market and with a lot of small restaurants serving Wiener Schnitzels.
As the sun started to set we took to the streets to discover hidden corners of the city. This one looked particularly nice
And then there were the Christmas shops 
And the Christmas Markets 
This one, next to Karl's Church is dedicated to little creators and everything sold there is hand made. You can have a chat with the artists and buy unique gifts for your loved ones
But the biggest Christmas Market has to be the one in front of the Rathaus (City Hall) 
There you can find classic Christmas ornaments
or the not so classic ones 
or my favourite, the ceramic ones. 

You can visit the ice-skating ring or take a picture with the decorated trees
The Christmas Market at the Rathaus in Vienna is one of the most beautiful in Europe 
Then slowly, but surely your 24 hours in Vienna are coming to an end.
Taking one last look at the decorated city, 
having one last zip of mulled wine 
and buying the one last decoration you have to have, you pack your bags and head home.
From Luxembourg this time of year you have three flights to Vienna a day and no excuse to spent at least 24 hours there.
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