January 7, 2019

Belgium - Durbuy - First trip of 2019

First trip of 2019 was a short one to the "Smallest Town in the World" which it happens to be in Belgium very close to Luxembourg. Its name is Durbuy and to me it is a lovely town no matter which season you happen to visit. Its stone houses, cobbled streets and of course the castle make Durbuy some sort of a small fairytale town.

We went to Durbuy on January, 5th because I've read on the Internet that it still had its Christmas Market and this time the Internet was right. You see, we had almost two weeks of holiday between Christmas and New Year and all we did was eat, sleep, binge on Netflix and take short walks. I really, really wanted a trip day.

We didn't do much, as there isn't much to do in Durbuy anyway, but it was a nice change of scenery. Enjoy the photos:

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