January 25, 2019

UK - Scotland - Edinburgh - The sad story of Greyfriars Bobby

When I think about Scotland I think about collies, I can't help it, after spending my last twenty years with three of them. So imagine my disappointment when we went to Edinburgh and the only dogs existent on magnets, postcards and souvenirs were Scottish Terriers and Westies. Where are the collies?

Well, I have to hope they are on the magnets in the Highlands and also that someday I will brace myself and head there, but I found in Edinburgh something way more interesting. I knew about the statue ever since my interest in dogs was more than sharing my life with one. There was a time when I've dreamed of owning a dog farm, breeding collies, I went to dog shows...happy times. Back then the Internet was not present in our lives and I remember I found a book titled "Dog statues around the world" and Bobby's was one of them.
The tale is simple, Bobby was the dog of John Gray the farmer. Bobby was a terrier. When John died Bobby guarded his grave for fourteen years until his own death. In that time he became known by the local community and cared for and after his death (in 1872) an aristocrat erected the fountain and statue we see today. Bobby's grave is a few metres from his friend's and can be seen in the Greyfriars Cemetery in Edinburgh.
There is a pub between the cemetery and the statue so I think that during the day Bobby was well taken care for, but what I found strange was that the graves in the cemetery were next to the houses surrounding it, but not a few metres away, they were stuck to the houses, some on them part of the house. To me that is strange.
The statue and fountain are a well known attraction in Edinburgh and on the souvenir shops you can find the book with Bobby's story. I found it touching. I do know about a dog's devotion to his human friend, but fourteen years it's a lot. It's a dog's life. How old was Bobby when John died? Was he old enough for the bound to form? I better not check it and leave you with this beautiful and touching story.

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