May 14, 2018

Belgium - Cherry blossoms in Arlon

I'm beginning to like Spring! I was always an Autumn person, loving the sun left from the Summer, but with normal temperatures and lovely brown colours, but after almost five months of darkness and white sky, this year I've noticed more the loveliness of Spring.
I love the blossomed trees, I've noticed the magnolias, the lilac smells incredible and the green of the forest is something I've never seen, so this year I want to bring a little bit of the flowery landscape to the blog and share with you pictures I've taken mostly with my phone while walking Luna.
This one is form the Cathedral. If you know a little bit about Arlon, then you know we have a beautiful Gothic Cathedral.  
Also in Arlon started this beautiful Kiwanis tradition of giving this rag dolls to sick children to keep them company in the hospital. It's a lovely gesture and the Kiwanis Foundation organised something similar to the cow parade, where the dolls were painted by local artists or organisations and put out for auction. Two of them are in Arlon.
The pictures are taken in Arlon, but it's a good occasion to picture this town other then the dormitory of Luxembourg or the ghost town that it looks like on the first view. I got used to this solitude and when Arlon is busy mostly on Thursdays and Saturdays when there is a market in the city centre, I don't enjoy the crowds, I almost feel that they invade the privacy of this small town which was once big. 

This is the Old Church which has a beautiful dog walking spot and a belvedere point from where you can see the whole area.

I choose to write this post today because it is a gloomy day, raining and white sky. It seems that Spring is over in Arlonia and we are heading right into Autumn. Also the Cherry Trees lost their blossom a couple of days ago, so if you miss that just click on the photos.
I hope you loved reading this post as much as I loved putting it together! Also, if you fancy keeping in contact with me, drop a line at on Facebook.

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