August 16, 2017

Belgium - On top of Saint-Donat Church in Arlon

If you live in Luxembourg you have a lot of reasons to pop in Arlon from time to time. It's only a 20 minute drive if the motorway is busy and you are already surrounded by another type of people, another culture, another way of doing events and another landscape. Living in Arlon I've discovered that if you keep a close eye on billboards or posters you find out that there are a lot of events going on, besides the Carnival or Maitrank. This summer the highlight has to be to climb on top of the bell tower of the old Saint-Donat Church. There are 120 steps and it costs 3 euro per person, but they allow dogs inside and on your climb you can marvel at the old bells.

What I don't know though is if they have a timetable, because I walk Luna there almost every day and I've saw the tower open maybe twice? They have a phone number: 063600893 and an email: so if you are really interested give them a sigh. 

But if you do come to Arlon and if you find the bell tower open the views are amazing. They say that on a clear day you can even see Trier's Cathedral. I could have stayed for hours looking for every corner of Arlon and beyond towards Luxembourg, but there were a lot of visitors and two families of Belgians who met after their holidays on top of the tower and had to share their experiences then and there. If I hate something about Belgians is their lack of empathy towards the others when they meet. It was actually a narrow path around the tower so imagine two families with two children each chatting on that narrow path :( The thing was they didn't care and I have a limited amount of pardons in my vocabulary so at one point after participating involuntary at their memory sharing, I had to be the bigger person and give up, climbing down the 120 stairs.

Nevertheless I do recommend this attraction in Arlon. I was there at sunset and the views were even better.

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