August 28, 2017

France - Going to the seaside from Luxembourg

If for you (as it is for me) summer means seaside, then hold on a minute and read what I have to say. If you live in Luxembourg summer is an undefined notion. It could last from one week to a month and it can be anytime between April and August. Nevertheless, from April, intensified in June and July, I feel the urge to go "smell the sea", because I am a Romanian vampire, sunbathing for me is a big no. I get headaches, vomiting sensation and long sleeps, so exposing myself to the sun is not an option. In this context going to the seaside in this region makes more sense for me than for other people.

If you don't know where the seaside is, read along. If you do, skip this paragraph :) Only three to four short driving hours from Luxembourg you have the beaches in Netherlands, Belgium and France. They face the English Channel and to my knowledge the water is never good enough to have a proper swim, but on a sunny day you can go to the beach, have a picnic, enjoy some fine wine, play in the sand or do whatever your heart desires.

From my experience, during the summer months, the hotel rooms are expensive in Netherlands, and less expensive as you go down the coast. And by expensive I mean more than 300 euros for a night in Netherlands, to me that's expensive. In Belgium you may have the luck of finding a room for 150 euros per night, but in France you can find rooms with 70 to 100 euros per night. For me it was logical to look for hotels in France, because I've already been to the seaside in Netherlands and Belgium in previous summers.

So this time we choose Calais. I was told not to go there because of the bad press related to refugees camps, but for me Calais was a nice surprise. It looks a little bit deserted, especially around the Town Hall, but the Old Town and seaside area are excellent for a weekend or even a long weekend. We went to the beach, we visited three or four museums, we enjoyed the wildlife so long story short we had a nice, relaxing weekend. Our goal was accomplished.

Here are some photos:
The Opera/Theatre 
The Town Hall with Auguste Rodin's sculpture "The Burghers of Calais"  
A very nice looking house 
Charles de Gaulle and his wife. 
I hope I've remembered well, they married in Calais and she was from Calais, or something. 
Luna was not allowed on the beach, there were posters everywhere with the fine and everything, but I've asked a local dog friend and he told me that when the guards are not on the beach, the dogs are welcomed. 
So we bended the law a little bit and we went on the beach in the morning up to 11 a.m. and in the evening after 7 p.m.
Every morning we took long walks along the beach with coffee in one hand and Luna's toys in the other :) 
Inside the Lace Museum was a temporary exhibition about Givenchy's creations and that is the actual black dress worn by Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany's  
On the promenade with my Romanian Blouse waiting for Alin and Luna 
I love wearing Romanian Blouses and this is a very special one which I love 
In front of the Lighthouse. There are two or three lighthouses in Calais and near Calais. This one is at the ships exist from the harbour. There is one in the old town which was never open and there is one on Cap Gris Nez close to Calais
As a shepherd dog, Luna is not at ease with being in the water. Of course she can swim, but it's in her nature to heard sheep and not swim. Still, since she is with us she is more and more into playing with the waves, going into the water, to the point when I wasn't paying attention for a second and she was a couple of metres into the water chasing a diver.
Another favourite Romanian Blouse (I wonder if I own a Romanian Blouse which I don't like:D) at the Cap Gris Nez
In the small harbour there is the Fish Market and a lot of fish nets. I thought this one was nice looking. I don't know if they ever use them, though. 
At the Museum of Fine Arts they had the mould after which Auguste Rodin created his famous sculpture "The Kiss"
And that was it, our weekend at the French seaside close to Belgium. If you liked my post and find it interesting please do share it on social media. You can find me at my fb. page:

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