August 7, 2017

Belgium - Braderie in Arlon

Please do not stumble on the word "braderie". It comes from French and it is a "flea market" or a "yard sale". The one in Arlon is actually huge and if you are interested in this sort of thing come with me to find out what you can buy from Arlon Braderie which takes place every first Sunday of the summer months till November.

I have to say that as an Arlonais (I do hope that means people living in Arlon and not people born in Arlon) I was unaware of this event that takes place in my town. I saw on Sunday that the most important vlogers of Luxembourg were heading towards Arlon posting at the same time on Insta Stories what they found and I had to check it out.
Just to give you a head's up, if you plan to come by car to a Braderie in Arlon, leave your car at the railway station or in one of the supermarket's parkings, because the whole city centre is closed and on the streets near the centre you have to have a ton of luck to find a spot. 
Here is the poster I see literally every day when I walk Luna, you'd think I'd pay more attention. Well, no :(
This is a tea/coffee set I've noticed in Villeroy and Boch store in Luxembourg. Expensive at first hand, expensive at second-hand, unfortunately.
A functional and beautiful gramophone
If you know me, you know I'm passionate about Romanian blouses and to some extent about all embroidery. This is a Belgian nightgown, an old one.
At Braderie Arlon one could find even an old gynecologists's table. In the background, not this first thing, whatever it is.
What can be more at place than chocolate moulds at a Belgian flea market?
Different tiny radios. 
I felt like someone was selling their collection, cause this particular seller had this white trays with cooking instruments, toys and even small radios.
Again a whole collection of pepper grinders.
Not even the traffic signs were left undecorated.
Photo cameras
Old thread coil with still nice colours
Nice chair
Old signboards from Brussels
A furry seller :)
So if you are interested in this sort of stuff you still have two or three Braderies in Arlon until the season is over.
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