May 11, 2018

Germany - Saarschleife - Hike near Saar river

I promised myself that I will write a post about "what to do in Luxembourg and around" to complete the post 10 short day trip from Luxembourg, but I just did not get around to writing it. So instead of that, I will write small posts about a day activities and when the time comes I will write the whole, round post.

So today I'm going to tell you about my unplanned and unprepared hike near Saar river in Germany. The locals call it "Saarschleife" or Saarloop and I previously called it Saar's U Turn. It is a place, very close to Luxembourg, but in Germany where the Saar River decided to make a U Turn. I've been there in the summer, I've been there in autumn, always from the parking to the belvedere spot and back. If you know me, hiking is not in my regimen although it should be.

So, during the weekend, pushed by my friends we went to the Saarloop, I also chose to wear one of my Romanian blouses, having in mind the cool pictures we were going to take. Little did I know, that I will end up walking for a good 5 hours, down and (painfully) up the hill.
See, I even made an effort to match my earrings to the outfit and to integrate my Romanian blouse into the assemble.

So after we took pictures from above, we took a pleasant walk down the hill, through the forest, intersecting with a small water stream, taking more pictures, meeting people, until we made it down. Two hours and about 6 km, and we made it to the river bank. The view of the hill up, did bother me a little, but there was no other way. We enjoyed a nice picnic with chocolate, dried mango (note to self to look for that in the supermarket) and water, we took more pictures, watched the boats pass by, took pictures of the swans, and then the way back.
40 minutes climb to reach the promised schnitzel at Cloef Atrium. I did it and had my chicken grill (schnitzels are made of pig meat in Germany :(), but as I'm writing this post I have a massive muscle pain and my back is stiff and it hurts all over.

I don't regret it though, it was a nice afternoon with friends and I proved that Romanian blouses are suited for every occasion :)
In case you are wondering how to get there, the Saar U Turn is in Orscholz in Germany, once you get there follow the Cloef road sign.

I hope you loved reading this post as much as I loved putting it together! Also, if you fancy keeping in contact with me, drop a line at on Facebook.

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