December 28, 2017

Luxembourg - The Christmas Market from Adolphe Bridge

I'll warn you, this is going to be a sad little post, because what can you say about the topic? Some pictures from a bridge. I've told you all I know about the Place de la Constitution Christmas Market and all about the Adolphe Bridge and these are just pictures I've snapped on my way to the railway station one evening when the busses were running late and when walking seemed like a good idea. I am positive that there are somewhere out there better pictures on the same subject, because there were two photographers with proper cameras and tripods and all shebang on the bridge.

I'm definitely waiting for Spring to come, for the sun to rise and the warm weather to be here cause in this weather Luxembourg is not that great. That's it boys and girls. I hope you liked my little article and if you did please do share it on social media and if you want to drop a line, you can find me at:

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