October 23, 2017

Luxembourg - The bridge under the bridge - New Pont Adolphe

Pont Adolphe is in the heart of Luxembourg. It connects the railway area with the city centre and is one of the oldest bridges in Luxembourg. It is an ached bridge, it was constructed between 1900 and 1903 and it bares the name of Grand Duke Adolphe. In latest years it has become some sort of a symbol of Luxembourg and one could see it on most postcards and is always photographed by tourists, mainly because you can see it better from Place de la Constitution or Golden Lady Square. 

When we arrived in Luxembourg the bridge was about to go under reconstruction and reinforcement stage because the Luxembourgers decided to introduce or reintroduce trams in the city. The bridge caught my attention because one of my colleagues made a presentation about the linguistic landscape related to the bridge. From them on, I've observed more the fuss that went around the bridge. 

This year the reconstruction was finished and the Adolphe Bridge had not one bridge but two, one on top of the other. The under-bridge was designed for cyclists and pedestrians, but the bloggers and journalists discovered the great pictures one could take from the under-bridge to the Petrusse valley. 

As a new tourist attraction and photo opportunity I made it my purpose to take the same pictures on a sunny day and that's what I did last week. As it happened I kinda caught the golden hour on my way from the centre to the railway station.

So here are my pictures of the bridge. One thing though, i think someone should install some speed bumpers for cyclists cause in one or two instances it was kinda dangerous to be a pedestrian on the under-bridge.
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