October 16, 2017

Luxembourg - Visit a castle with your dog - Petopia event

I won't stop admitting how fast things change in Luxembourg. Five years ago with English you would end up staying at home on a Saturday evening, not because of the lack of events, but because you had no idea about them. Social media accounts in English were just few and almost no one would bother do to fb events for an actual event. So you were left with the occasional poster on the side of the road or finding events and fun things to do from friends.

It's totally different right now and for a Saturday evening one can choose from a wide range of events.

The expat online communities are bigger and stronger and there are even specific Facebook groups, such as the one of pet owners. In one of these groups I found my pet sitter and recently I've discovered something that I thought I had to try.

This online community, Petopia, organises a lot of events where you can bring your dog. There are places where one couldn't normally bring their pooch. So for examples, they had a visit to the cider producing farm in Luxembourg, another event was with pet detectives, in the escape room. Unfortunately places do go fast and if you are not on fb. at the right time you might miss them.

Fortunately for us, I've spotted an event which was right up our alley, a castle visit with your dog. Of course by the time I found out about the event it was sold out, but we were lucky. The day before the event two places became available. Of course I've grabbed them, not even asking my husband because I knew he was a fan of castles and we did visit that particular castle, but never with Luna.

The next day we had to actually rush (fingers crossed we did not grab a ticket) the 45 km from Arlon to Bourscheid, a little town in Northern Luxembourg. We were there on time and the visit started.

It was a normal visit, just that our group had 20 people and about 8 dogs. We had a private, guided tour of the castle and it was funny to see how the different breads would cope with steep staircases and narrow pathways.

Luna had the time of her life, she got to meet a little bit the other dogs before the visit and they all payed attention to the guide, just like humans. Even more she got to smell walls dating from the medieval times and not just stay outside with me while Alin would visit the castle, as we would normally do.

It was a fun event and I am glad we took the chance and went. Let's hope I would spot in time the next events so we would have more fun doing things together.

Groups such as this fill in a need. If it was up to me I would take Luna everywhere with me, but unfortunately, even thou Luxembourg is more open to dogs than Romania, Luna is still not allowed in most places. I guess if you have a well behaved dog, taking it with you shouldn't be a problem.

I'll leave you with some pictures:

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