October 19, 2017

CinEast is happening right now in Luxembourg

Somehow this year I did not have as much time as I would have liked to go to the movies for CinEast. If you don't know what I'm talking about, here is the link.

CinEast is the festival of Central and Eastern European Movies and is happening every year in Luxembourg and every year is getting better. I think (I hope I'm not mistaken) this year is the 10th edition.
Last year I was bothered that Romanian Cinema was not so much into focus, but this year I'm impressed. The Romanian movies are great and there is one Romanian evening, a meeting with the actor Adrian Titieni which if you are Romanian or you are into Romanian movies you might have spotted him in most of the recent ones. The meeting is actually tonight and if all goes well, I hope to be there.
To my shame (Romanian expression translated ad litteram), I only managed to see one movie, "Marița". I would not say I've loved it, because I didn't. One hour and a half with a lot of long and useless scenes for me was a little bit too much. Somehow Romanian cinema still things it is ok to do that, hoping probably that the audience won't be bored. We were. But it was a Romanian movie, the only comedy in the festival, I had to see it. And overall the movie was ok. I've liked the jokes placed here and there, I've liked the actors and actually Titieni was great. I hope I'm not wrong, it was the cinema debut of the director, Cristi Iftime. He will definitely know next time.
Later edit:
I managed to go to the meeting with the Romanian actor and it was ok. I've learned a few things about this job and about the preparations that happen before the movie is even filmed. The talk was with a young Romanian actress who lives in Luxembourg or something, Larisa Faber. Unfortunately I wasn't able to stay and watch another Romanian movie and I think today already the movie screening section of the festival is over. Next year!

So, I think there are three more days packed with good movies, go and see them!
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