December 21, 2017

Luxembourg - Useldange - Christmas Market in a Castle

Lately I felt under the weather and I do blame the weather for this, because for the last three weeks I've seen the sun just once or twice and one of those times was during the week-end which we spent in Alsace.

If there is something I truly hate in this region is the lack of sun for weeks on end during winter. That being said, cause I needed to vent out, this region compensates with unique things to do and see and the one I'm just writing about is one of those things; a Christmas Market in a Castle. Ain't that interesting?

It lasted for just two days and to be fair the castle is more of a ruin, on which they build the town hall. If you do get the chance to check out Useldange, please do, cause you will see what a lot of money can do to an old castle. I found out about this local event by pure chance and I think I was the only one, because clearly this market was for locals. But it was fun.

I assume it is the tradition here, because all the month of December in all the small towns in Luxembourg they organise these Christmas Markets. They last a weekend or the whole month or more weekends in a row and usually they have local sellers and the events are organised by the local community and they raise money for different charities.

For us it was the novelty of it all. Imagine a Christmas Market inside a Castle, even a ruined one. We had mulled wine and listened to local songs, toured the castle and went home. It is nice to experience these local, rural, events, because they are so different from the Luxembourg city ones, people are more of a community, and although you get a stare or two and people wonder who are you and what are you doing there, it's nice to feel like you are part of something.

This is still me under the weather talking, so I better leave you with some pictures. Enjoy!

That's it boys and girls. I hope you liked my little article. I was meant to do 12 blogs of Christmas, but I don't think I have the energy for it. We shall see! If you liked this article please do share it on social media and if you want to drop a line, you can find me at:

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