December 8, 2017

Luxembourg - Friday evening at the Christmas Market

The weekend is just around the corner and I thought that you might be tempted to follow my example and just have fun at the Christmas Markets in Luxembourg. Yes guys there are at least three Christmas Markets and you can walk from one to the next and tick different activities.

This is by no means a guide to Christmas Markets in Luxembourg, it's just to give you some pointers, some ideas of what you can do. If you are reading this from Luxembourg, I am talking about the Christmas Markets in Place d'Armes, Knuedler and Place de la Constitution.

1. First, stop by this very nice decorated tree in front of the Cathedral and take some pictures to amaze Instagram with or for your family's photo album

2. Fuel yourself with a boot cup of mulled wine or as we call it here in Luxembourg and in the region, glühwein and some chestnuts 

3. Buy some wood Christmas tree decoration from Place d'Armes and marvel at this wooden Nativity Scene

4. While you are there look for the Winter Lights photo-booths and take a picture to remember 

5. Pass to the Knuedler Market and try on some skating

6. If skating is not your thing have a wurst and admire the place

7. For me, the vibe of the Knuedler Market is closer to what I have in my mind as what a Christmas Market should be like

8. Take Instagramable pictures in front of the Town Hall and use the city free WiFi to post them, then and there

9. Drink a second glühwein, it is cheaper at the Knuedler Market ;)

10. Pass on to the Golden Lady Market (Place de la Constitution), but stop to take another picture

11. Admire for a second the Christmas Pyramide

12. Buy some more decorations

13. And maybe some gingerbread 

14. Enjoy the salmon! I've tried it for the fist time this year and it was ok

15. Ride the carousel

16. Delight yourself with some Romanian sweets

17. And pair them with another glass of glühwein

I'll leave you with some movies, the quality is not that great, but the feeling is there

Last, but by no means least, please don't drink and drive. The glühwein can go to your head :)
If you enjoyed my little Christmassy post, please be advised that more posts like this are coming your way. I'm in the Christmas spirit more this year and I have big plans. Hope to accomplish them :) As usual if you liked the post please share it with your friends. You can find me here:

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